stop wasting your energy on people who make you feel like shit

there are two kinds of people

people who are worth your energy, and people who are not

let's talk about the second one

here's the thing – energy never lies.

after interacting with someone, you either:

1. feel better/okay, or
2. feel like shit

some people are just depleting to be around. sometimes it's because they are an asshole. but usually it's a matter of incompatibility

it doesn't mean that if they deplete you, they are a bad person. in fact, it has nothing to do with them

this is about you.

you are the one controlling your energy. how much you are giving. to whom you're giving it to

the problem comes when you find yourself being surrounded by people who suck the energy out of you, and you choose to stay in it. then you just end up feeling more and more like shit

that's not worth it.

if you find yourself being constantly depleted by someone, put lesser energy into them

it doesn't mean that you need to cut them out

remember – you are the one controlling your energy

put more energy into people that make you feel better about yourself. whatever that may mean to you

stop wasting your energy on people who make you feel like shit


  • Julie

    I just discovered your Instagram and blog via a post shared by @cottonstem! These words resonate so much with me right now and what I am discovering about my relationships with some family members. It’s a relief when I started to realize the issues are more about incompatibility than either of us being “bad people.” Thanks for sharing your truth as it has helped me already. Here’s to more overthinking!

  • @ceriaahh

    This was amazing & truly needed

  • @belletristae

    RON!! Welcome back!! I checked my emails today after what felt like eons. So glad to see your emails and that “button”. I’m incredibly happy to see you achieving something. Started from “shitty life updates” to here we are. Best of luck Ron! Once again you managed to write what’s on my mind.

  • Shayb896

    Honestly, I love everything you say I swear to god when my mind don’t feel right and I come stumble upon your thoughts, makes me feel less crazy more and more everyday. Love you lots ❤️

  • @surakshyabista

    I really need to hear this today 🥺 I have been treating myself so badly lately just because I was scared losing the person who I actually thought feel the way I felt . I feel like I fail myself and lost myself . I’m trying to do everything right now for myself . I cut off the connection with that person and I already feel good . And I promise myself I will do whatever the fuck and good for myself . Your writing always have motivate me and I swear I’m not even lying I am only here in IG because of your page . So , Ron I am always grateful that I found you and your page 🙏🏻

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