stop wasting your energy on people who make you feel like shit

there are two kinds of people

people who are worth your energy, and people who are not

let's talk about the second one

here's the thing – energy never lies.

after interacting with someone, you either:

1. feel better/okay, or
2. feel like shit

some people are just depleting to be around. sometimes it's because they are an asshole. but usually it's a matter of incompatibility

it doesn't mean that if they deplete you, they are a bad person. in fact, it has nothing to do with them

this is about you.

you are the one controlling your energy. how much you are giving. to whom you're giving it to

the problem comes when you find yourself being surrounded by people who suck the energy out of you, and you choose to stay in it. then you just end up feeling more and more like shit

that's not worth it.

if you find yourself being constantly depleted by someone, put lesser energy into them

it doesn't mean that you need to cut them out

remember – you are the one controlling your energy

put more energy into people that make you feel better about yourself. whatever that may mean to you

stop wasting your energy on people who make you feel like shit


  • hit_emwitcool

    Wow! You’re on another level now. I’, so glad with your journey. Wishing you good life ahead :)

  • Ella

    I love to read whatever you write ron, i feel like you put into words all the thoughts that i’ve had running around in my mind

  • @jaiynht

    pressed the " button " and here i am ! i felt like i was being called out in this blog , well in a good way but i definitely felt so much better reading it . it gave me a sense of calmness to know that what i’m going through is normal and i’m not alone . i’m so proud to see how far you’ve come and i’m excited to see more , sending lots of love ron !

  • lizzy_2040

    I love this, it’s sometimes a bitter pill to swallow hearing the truth but I’d rather have truth than lies

  • phicasso0

    This is what I needed 💜 all this time, I used to think I’m the bad guy if I’m not compatible with someone lol.

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