fear is a funny thing.

fear is a funny thing.

fear is usually the #1 thing when it comes to us being hesitant to make a decision.

but when you really think about it, fear is usually the highest at the beginning.

the biggest fear you have is right before you leap. 

the moment you make the leap, your fear becomes exponentially lesser.

step 0 is usually when you have the most fear.

compare step 1 to step 0, you realise that your fear is tremendously lesser.

compare step 2 to step 0, the amount of fear you have is a fraction to what you had at the beginning.

step 3 onwards, your fear is almost non-existent.

if you think about it, it seems like making the leap is how you get rid of the fear.

but ironically, fear is also what's stopping you from making that leap.

so you get trapped in a circle.

you can't make that leap because you are fearful. but you can't get rid of that fear if you don't make that leap. 

and it just goes round and round and round.


  • Ysabelle

    keeping my thought inside is necessary for me, like you know it’s hard to describe but the lesson remains. Thank you Ron, keep sending me this kind of lesson.

  • rion_ssi

    I just took the leap. And right now I’m reading your article and thinking holy crap… I didn’t know my fear was gone until you made me realize it just now. Thank you, ron!

  • kmvinz

    thank you for this, it actually helps me with decide right now :)

  • keiong

    Your content keeps me going. I hope you realize that. It’s not easy to go by everyday but knowing that someone could understand you somehow makes me feel like I’m not alone in this world.

  • Naddy

    Ive been a silent reader of your writings (or too busy going about my days to comment) but i just want you to know i enjoy every bit of your relatable-ness. Thank you and keep doing you!! xoxo

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