should you take a risk?

stay the same, or try to change? 

what if the thing you want to try doesn't work out and you end up in a worse place than before?

but what if you don't change and everything stays the same, forever?

consider these before you take a risk:

1. how badly do you want things to change?
2. what is your alternative option, if you don't take a risk?
3. are you satisfied with what you currently have?

nothing is guaranteed. your life is the result of choices you make and the improvisations you do with those choices.

if you're waiting for a risk where you lose nothing and gain everything, then you'd either end up waiting forever or you'd have to wait for your life to drop to an absolute low before you'd be ready.

1. opportunities come and go. if you're not ready to change, another opportunity will come in the future. but in the mean time, you will have to shut up and deal with the situation. you were the one who made that choice.

2. if your alternative option is nothing, then take the risk. because doing nothing is silly.

3. if you're satisfied with what you already have, then stay that way. fuck what everyone else is doing. as long as you're happy, that's all it matters.

should you take a risk?

the choice is yours. whatever you choose will work. as long as you don't end up choosing nothing.



    I love your contents I read and feel it along side of ur text.

    thank Ron

  • Beanslls

    The best thing you can do is the right thing
    the next best thing is the wrong thing
    And the worst thing is nothing
    -mark manson

  • _maanc_

    i am actually so fucking scared of pursuing what i want to do since high school and i just completed my bachelors! i have still a long way to go before I finally get the career that i want i am going to do it, fuckitall, i am going to take this risk and never look back. i dont know what i would do if i fail, but atleast i wont have regrets ig

  • anon.2

    hi, same person that needed to take a risk on a wednesday. it’s tuesday, and i took the first and only step that could ultimately lead to my confrontation. thank you, a massive weight has lifted off my shoulders

  • Janet

    i read that and then read the comments only to see people struggling with the same thing as i am; terrified of failure, picking the safe option, hating myself for it, feeling like im wasting my life away… im just so sick of it. i don’t think im good enough or worth the big bills imma give my mom but fuck it. i want this so bad, ive wanted this for so long and i cannot see myself being miserable settling for anything less than. im fighting so hard, even when it doesn’t look like much, my dream deserves a fighting chance. thank you for that ron, im grateful to start my day reading that <3

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