should you take a risk?

stay the same, or try to change? 

what if the thing you want to try doesn't work out and you end up in a worse place than before?

but what if you don't change and everything stays the same, forever?

consider these before you take a risk:

1. how badly do you want things to change?
2. what is your alternative option, if you don't take a risk?
3. are you satisfied with what you currently have?

nothing is guaranteed. your life is the result of choices you make and the improvisations you do with those choices.

if you're waiting for a risk where you lose nothing and gain everything, then you'd either end up waiting forever or you'd have to wait for your life to drop to an absolute low before you'd be ready.

1. opportunities come and go. if you're not ready to change, another opportunity will come in the future. but in the mean time, you will have to shut up and deal with the situation. you were the one who made that choice.

2. if your alternative option is nothing, then take the risk. because doing nothing is silly.

3. if you're satisfied with what you already have, then stay that way. fuck what everyone else is doing. as long as you're happy, that's all it matters.

should you take a risk?

the choice is yours. whatever you choose will work. as long as you don't end up choosing nothing.


  • OWMAN56

    I’ve been debating with myself about retirement for a while and weighing the pros and cons. This helps me with my decision to wait until I get my car paid off then I’ll probably do it! 🙏🏻😊👍

  • Samantha

    I was sort of a risk-taker and did some things for the fun of it. Then my life was changing and I made all these plans. Then, the pandemic hit, I know this isn’t the worst thing that happened and I sympathize with all of our hardships. It just felt like someone banged my heart with a hammer over and over again, until I just agreed to stay in my little social circle. Now, it is time to wake up, there is no more procrastinating and all of these reasons make sense. So I’m going to try and consider all of these wonderful questions!

  • anon 2

    Earlier this year I decided to stop listening to other people’s opinions and do whatever I wanna do with my life. I’ve recently dropped out of my uni course and I’ve reapplied to do a different degree. It’s taken a lot of break downs and talking to friends to finally tell myself “fuck it, it’s my life in the end”.

  • anon 2

    This. currently taking a break from university to think things through about what I really want. Turns out I’ve been playing the game this whole time. Instead of pursuing something that I want, I decided to play it safe and study a degree I didn’t really like. It took a while for me to take the risk but one day I said “fuck it might as well take this chance” and dropped out from my course. I’m now in the process of transferring to another uni.
    Unless you’re not ready to take the risk, just do what you wanna do. Fuck what other people have to say. It’s your life in the end.

  • Ann Rodriguez (ig: @annguez_)

    this is so nice!!! ☕️🥺🤍🤎

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