should you take a risk?

stay the same, or try to change? 

what if the thing you want to try doesn't work out and you end up in a worse place than before?

but what if you don't change and everything stays the same, forever?

consider these before you take a risk:

1. how badly do you want things to change?
2. what is your alternative option, if you don't take a risk?
3. are you satisfied with what you currently have?

nothing is guaranteed. your life is the result of choices you make and the improvisations you do with those choices.

if you're waiting for a risk where you lose nothing and gain everything, then you'd either end up waiting forever or you'd have to wait for your life to drop to an absolute low before you'd be ready.

1. opportunities come and go. if you're not ready to change, another opportunity will come in the future. but in the mean time, you will have to shut up and deal with the situation. you were the one who made that choice.

2. if your alternative option is nothing, then take the risk. because doing nothing is silly.

3. if you're satisfied with what you already have, then stay that way. fuck what everyone else is doing. as long as you're happy, that's all it matters.

should you take a risk?

the choice is yours. whatever you choose will work. as long as you don't end up choosing nothing.


  • lena

    The fact right before this, i was breaking down about whether i should take risks for my future dream career and to see this, it is quite reassuring

  • rv.iyer

    I guess I read this at the right time, because I’ve been wanting a change for a long time and now when I’m actually getting it, I have second thoughts. But no, reading this helped me. So much. It’s definitely gonna be scary, but I think I’ll manage.
    Thank you for writing it.

  • anon

    100% agree with this, but it’s easier said than done. i’ve wanted to apologise for the past year (and perhaps ask for another chance) to someone i pushed away. today was my last chance, i could have done it, i should have done it, but my fear of confrontation will be the death of me. it felt right, i knew i should’ve done it. i may have another chance on wednesday, my genuine final chance. to whoever’s reading this, please wish me luck, wish that i just say fuck it and do it. it’s something that can change the entire course of my life. i don’t want to keep regretting my choices anymore

  • Mija

    Dude. That was so good. Honestly, I’m the kind of person who is T E R R I F I E D of risk because I’m afraid of failure. There’s been a lot of stuff recently though that I either have taken a risk on or need to take a risk on. “If you’re waiting for a risk where you lose nothing and gain everything you’ll be waiting forever” THIS LINE RIGHT HERE. THIS WAS A SMACK IN THE HEAD. More often than not I’m the kind of person who waits until there’s a low loss chance. I need to get better at just saying “fuck it” and taking the risk no matter the chance of loss.

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