you don't want to die, you want to live

this is a thought I had when I was younger

you know – that feeling you have when you look at what you have around you, and you are literally unsatisfied with everything

you overthink and you think that maybe life will be better if you are not around anymore

but overthink more, and you start to find the root of it

the reason of your unhappiness is because life isn't the way you want it to be

you are unhappy at how life currently is, not at life in general

if you change your life for the better, you will most likely feel better about it too

then it becomes clear

you don't want to die, you want to live

you don't want your life to be over. you just want the shitty parts to be gone

and that's what you should do

remove the parts you don't want, slowly

make more for new happenings to enter. and if you don't like them, remove the new ones too

until you are left with a life you somewhat like, eventually

and then go from there


  • Palak Prakash

    I wasn’t in the right space of mind for a while, and this writing of yours helped me to open my eyes and see. Thank you so much!

  • Tria

    The timing of this was impeccable. I’m literally laying here contemplating whether to live or die. I just kept wishing I would go to sleep and not wake up. Thank you for writing so beautifully and honestly.

  • @kavyaa04_

    I am a student and in constant dilemma, this man is the one person that makes sense.

  • coffee.mien

    Damn…I will forever be IN AWE of how much this man is able to impact people with JUST HIS WORDS. I mean… wow.

  • Riya

    You really light up my world with your email

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