what is the point of trying?

what is the point of trying?

I hear people say this a lot. including me

what is the point of trying something you know you are not very good at? there are so many other people much better than you at it. you are going to fail in the end anyway

yes. that is true

and no.

you don't try because you think you are going to succeed right away

you try because that's what you need to do to be slightly better at the thing you wanna do

think about this.

what is the point of going to school? specifically – higher education. like getting a degree

you want to learn, educate yourself, be better at what you do, blah blah blah

but most importantly, you do it for the money.

having a degree will allow you to make more money than without, when you get a job eventually

so you put yourself through school. countless of hours of studying. doing things you hate doing. like memorising the whole textbook. but you do it. because that's what you gotta do to get there

so think about this.

do you get paid immediately to score well for that exam?

do you get paid immediately for all those hours you put in to study?


because it doesn't work like that.

it takes time. to try. before you get there eventually

you probably don't even understand half the shit you're studying for the first year or two. but eventually you start to know more and understand it better

that's the same concept with life.

you hold yourself back from trying because you're afraid you won't get it right the first time

and you know what? you're right

you are not going to get it right the first time

just like you don't graduate with a degree after you pass your first test 

the whole point of trying is to be better than who you were without trying

and maybe with enough tries, you will eventually be good at it

but it takes time. and a lot of tries


  • Adelle

    i really like this.

  • Bhumika

    Damn! Every word made so sense here
    Made me realize (once again) no matter what we should try out things if we really wanna achieve something

  • Alexa

    i love this ron! thank you so much 🤍 Been wanting to try something and wanna go out of my comfort zone but im too scared and im such an overthinker. thank you for this

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