stuck with choosing between two choices

two choices.

both are good.

but you can't do both.

and you can't decide which one you should go for.



there is no wrong choice here.

anything you do will be right.

the only mistake you can make is if you don't make a decision and you end up having neither.



you can't choose wrong because you can't choose both.

you make a choice and you live with it and you never look back.

there will be many more choices down the road that you will have to make.

and you will have to make these choices. if you want to keep moving forward.



if you're stuck with two choices, pick one.

do everything you can to make it work.

and if it doesn't work, come back again and pick the other one. if opportunity allows.

if not, you live with it and you learn. and you keep looking forward.

there will always be more choices to make.



  • @other.view

    Wow this was personal to me. I have to make a decision but I’m scared. I’m really having a hard time. “if you’re stuck with two choices, pick one. do everything you can to make it work.” Thank you Ron.

  • ginistuti

    Okay but I have been struggling with this for so long and this really helped! Thanks dude!

  • _j.zaneta_

    I’m a strong believer that words can do many things.That’s why my resting place is always a chair near the bookshelf.Words can heal and help. You are one of those people who writes exactly the real human emotion. I truly love your raw writing. It’s rare. Glad I found it.

  • Cole Putnam

    As with most of the posts you make; I wish I saw it sooner. There’ve been many situations which froze up and chose neither in fear of picking the wrong one. Time has taught me that either way, no matter what you do, you’ll offend and hurt people. You gotta just pick one and live with it

  • Janean Foster

    I think the real honest truth is that you can make a wrong choice. If you are choosing between two things you will ultimately choose the wrong one at least once in your life time. Choices are inevitably part of the journey of life. I think when someone chooses the “wrong path” they will spend the rest of their life time trying so desperately to fix it, so they can get back where they started. Life is a confusing shit show of choices that ultimately lead you to where you are supposed to be wherever that is. There is a wrong choice at the time but down the line all the choices you make shape you into the you that you are meant to become.

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