stuck with choosing between two choices

two choices.

both are good.

but you can't do both.

and you can't decide which one you should go for.



there is no wrong choice here.

anything you do will be right.

the only mistake you can make is if you don't make a decision and you end up having neither.



you can't choose wrong because you can't choose both.

you make a choice and you live with it and you never look back.

there will be many more choices down the road that you will have to make.

and you will have to make these choices. if you want to keep moving forward.



if you're stuck with two choices, pick one.

do everything you can to make it work.

and if it doesn't work, come back again and pick the other one. if opportunity allows.

if not, you live with it and you learn. and you keep looking forward.

there will always be more choices to make.



  • sanchi___18

    Why do you always say the stuff I want to hear ? Like its not bad having two choices, but it’s a bit tough with less clear vision, and I kind of have very dull vision of what I want.

  • @jfrancineeeee

    I really need this today! Thanks, Ron great help!

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