how to get better at something:

1. embrace the fact that you are not good at the thing you want to be good at. or at least, not yet.


2. everyone starts from 0. to be good at something, you first need to start. and right here is a good place to start.


3. stop comparing yourself to someone else's process. maybe they are better than you. maybe they are not. it literally does not matter. this race is yours and yours alone.


4. start. but this time, actually start.


5. keep doing what you know you gotta do. keep doing what you know you gotta do. keep doing what you know you gotta do.


6. intensity is not important. being good at something does not mean going from 0 to 100 really quickly.


7. consistency is important. it does not matter how little or how much you do. it matters that you do it every day. or as often as you can.


8. the most important days are the days where you don't feel like doing it. it is easy to do something when you feel like doing it. but the days where you don't want to, and still do it because you know you need to, are the days that changes everything. if you can still move forward even when everything around is holding you back, you would be unstoppable.


9. keep doing what you know you gotta do. keep doing what you know you gotta do. keep doing what you know you gotta do.


  • geliquejane

    well, recently .. like just a week ago, i was rlly busy working on my school transfer. like rlly busy doing all the papers, going back and fourth to diff campus and the unexpected exam. the day i took the exam, after taking the exam .. i went to the mall to eat lunch and kill time while waiting for the result .. and suddenly as i’ve just arrived .. two ppl caught my attention likeee real fast. my ex-boyfriend and the girl he said “i should not worry abt” .. the reason why we broke up. at that moment .. my world just break down ALL OVER AGAIN.

    we were broke up for almost a year now, but im still at the moving stage .. like still coping up with all the pain and trauma they’ve caused me. AND from that day .. i experienced all the pain AGAIN. past scenarios keep on coming back again on my mind to the point i just want to sleep it all to feel nothing.

    it was an eye-opener for me .. like im already thankful to rlly see them together because they’ve proven theirselves to me .. that i was right all along. and thankful also because i don’t need now to feel bad for all the decisions i’ve made. and from being saved in making a wrong decision again.

    i’ve already experienced enough .. so now, i rlly want to make things better for myself .. to fully move on, to fully heal. its hard, but i am rlly determined to move on with my life and forget those ppl who gave me nothing but pain, heart break and trauma.

    im can’t wait for the day to happen where i am fully healed .. and ready to love again.

  • Olga

    I start final exams on Monday and the past few weeks my dad has been telling me that the only way to succeed in the exams is to stop thinking that I need to know everything to feel prepared or be good at everything.. I didnt want to go write those exams like I preferred to just not go than go and write only the things that I know but reading this made me feel like it is okay to just go with the things I know.. I always get disappointed and not believe in myself when I see that I am not good at something but thats not how I am going to get better thats actually a way of degrading my skills and abilities..

  • @mijaa0404

    I need to tattoo number 3 to my forehead. I fall for the comparison trap WAY too often, especially feeling like I’ve fallen behind everyone else. I need to get better at remembering that their season in life isn’t my season in life, and that’s okay. If you try to keep up with someone else’s process to get to YOUR finish line, you’ll just end up confused and lost and you’ll have to work to get out of the mud and back on track.

  • @hnnbnnaa

    I am fucking tired but thank you for your words, I chose to keep going anyway.

  • novi

    This encouragements really help me! i always tell myself that everything will be okay and you can handle whatever it is.

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