quick mood boosters

1. drink a glass of warm water

2. go out for a walk. find a lake or a river to be around. or walk up a little hill

3. write down a list of things you are grateful for. things you are glad happened to you. people you are glad to have in your life. experiences you are glad to have been through, regardless of the outcome

4. rant to someone. anything that is on your mind

5. if you can't find someone to rant, write it down in a journal. or type it on your notes

6. meditate. just keep sitting there until you feel more calm. it's gonna be tough as shit. but if you can sit it through, you will feel better

7. go for a jog. sweat it out. you feel a little less like shit when you're too busy trying to catch your breath

8. go to sleep earlier. even if you're not tired. especially if you're not tired. just close your eyes and lie down. you don't have to pressure yourself to fall asleep

9. lie down and close your eyes. listen to some beats. or an album you really like

10. tidy your room. throw away things you don't need. wipe things. vacuum the floor

11. take a walk and listen to a podcast

12. pets. pets make you feel better

13. hit up a friend and go to their house and watch tv 

14. catch the sunset. just. look at the sky, man

15. drive to a big supermarket and walk around. buy a kitkat or something

16. read a book from the start to the end (stop checking your phone)

17. write a letter to someone. or a post card

18. hugs. hugs make everything better 

19. take deep breaths. lots of them

20. put away your phone. stay away from screens for awhile. imagine it's 1995. what did we used to do in our free time?


what else will you add? comment below


  • Emily

    Volunteer for charity or do something kind for someone that takes them by surprise and makes their day

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